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Partnering with purpose-driven brands, we evolve and amplify your digital marketing so you can reach and resonate with more people and have a magnetic impact.

“The digital landscape is constantly changing and it’s a full-time job to just keep up with the changes. Having Anura’s marketing expertise to guide us through this ever evolving field has proved itself invaluable. We measure return on investment very closely and have been thrilled with the results that we have measured over our time working together. Our partnership with Anura Marketing has allowed us to work smarter and achieve better results!”


Meet Our Team

A collective of strategists and creatives – we've got you covered. Think of us as your digital marketing ARM and collaborator. Rely ON US TO see the forest for the trees, so that you can focus on your mission and what you do best!

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How We Do It

Email Marketing Strategy & Production

Paid Search Optimization

Film Short, Antarctic Expeditions to the Ross Sea

Website Design & Rebrand

Website Design & Rebrand

Captivating Storytelling

Content that connects. We translate your messages into engaging stories your audience desires to hear. Storytelling captures attention, lingers in memory and inspires connection.


If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it...? We ensure that you are both seen and heard online by optimizing and fine-turning the marketing platforms that work best for you.


Whether designing a website, email campaign or logo, we approach design holistically and intentionally, diving deep to solve obstacles so your content can be interpreted with ease. The smoother the communication and functionality, the more engagement and sales!

How we work...

1. Preliminary Assessment Q&A 

2. Discovery Phase: Comprehensive analysis & detailed report outlining results and areas of opportunity

Strategy: Recommended multi-channel brand and digital marketing strategy, plus a detailed plan for collaboration

Joia Holman

Word magician weaving emotive prose that transports readers to another realm without a second thought.

Amelia Tockston

Chief strategist and manager of accounts with over 18 years of digital marketing experience.

Chris Harrington

Maestro graphic designer with decades of experience and insight into the craft of web design and branding.

James Muir

Award-winning cinematic storyteller whose visual artistry beautifully conveys your mission and speaks to the heart.


Out-of-the-box idea generator and lead morale booster.




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